Tree appraisal and tree register

Analysis, verdict, appraisal

How healthy is your tree – not just at first glance, but really? Is it exhibiting injuries? Is it sure to survive the next storm? Do age-weakened branches or rotten trunks pose a safety risk? Is the root system damaged?

The actual condition of a tree can often tip the scales during construction projects, insurance cases, conflicts with the neighbours, etc. As every tree-owner is responsible for the condition of his or her tree and is liable for any damage, the verdict of a sworn expert is of major importance in this context.

Swiftly and competently, our team will compile reliable and legally binding appraisals concerning the condition of your trees and ascertain their values. We are at your service at any time!

Cataloguing individual trees

When a community grows, its public forest stand grows with it. In order to find out more about the condition of the forest stand or – in other words – the necessary tree surgery measures, a tree register is compiled.

The register contains a catalogue of individual trees and uses the appraisal of a tree surgeon to document the current condition of the tree as well as the subsequently recommended measures.

The tree register affords many benefits for the community: on the one hand, the forest stand can be taken into consideration right from the start during new public-sector developments.
On the other hand, the budget calculation for the next few years is made easier, as an estimate can be drawn up for tree care expenditure.

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