Tree pruning

Humans are a hazard

Picture a tree somewhere in the forest or in the mountains: it has been growing for decades, formed and shaped by wind and weather. All of nature’s force and harmony is combined within it.

Picture a tree in the middle of a major city or as a design element on a boulevard: this tree, too, has been growing for decades, yet the highly polluted environment stopped meeting its needs a long time ago. Gritting salts are strewn in the winter, sewers prevent roots from growing as nature intended, car accidents leave behind wounds in the bark which provide easy access for pests.
Proper care, however, will guarantee that it will continue to comply with its functions in the urban ecosystem for years to come.

The most conspicuous care measure here is tree pruning, which should be performed exclusively by professionally qualified specialists …

  • … for the care of the tree
  • … for the preservation of the tree and
  • … for the purpose of risk coverage, e.g. in street traffic.
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