Controlling the horse-chestnut leaf-miner

Brown leaves

The same sorry sight, year in, year out: in the middle of the summer, the leaves of many horse-chestnuts turn brown and fall off.

The cause: the larvae of the pathogenic horse-chestnut leaf-miner.

The best, and the world’s only organic solution on the market: the Saller treatment, during which, with the aid of usually only one one-time treatment, the tree receives protection for up to 5 years.

The process involves using a special “injection” lance in order to introduce a mixture of air, water and fertilizer into the root area. As a result of the absorption of the special fertilizer, the tree’s internal cell pressure, hence also that of the leaves, increases. The leaf-miner’s eggs are unable to stand the increased tension and burst.

During the second working step, a special leaf shampoo is sprayed on the horse-chestnut leaves to support the leaves in rapidly rebuilding their natural layer of wax and hence prevent renewed infestation of the tree by the leaf-miners.

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